Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes Transboundary pilot projects on climate change adaptation
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Chu Talas


Promoting Cooperation to Adapt to Climate Change in the Chu and Talas Transboundary Basin

Stakeholder workshop, 25 November 2014, Astana, Kazakhstan

Stakeholder workshop,27 February 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Working meeting - November 2012, Kazakhstan
Working meeting - July 2012, Kazakhstan

The project aims to improve the adaptive capacity of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, to support dialogue and cooperation on the needed steps to design an adaptation strategy in the transboundary context and thereby prevent controversy on the use of water resources.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • Modelling of the possible changes in water resources of the Chu-Talas basin associated with climate conditions and elaboration of joint scenarios,
  • Preparation of joint vulnerability assessment, focusing on selected areas/sectors of importance for the work of the Commission,
  • Development of a package of possible adaptation measures and relevant procedures for the Commission, which may contribute to decreasing potential tensions over changing hydrological regimes. Such procedures and measures will be built into the regular Commission’s operations and policies, where appropriate.

Brochure "Strengthening Cooperation in Adaptation to Climate Change in Transboundary Basins of the Chu and Talas Rivers. Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Summary"

Full vulnerability assessment report in Russian


  • Facilitating organizations: UNDP (Ms. Marcela Fabianova), UNECE (Ms. Sonja Koeppel, Mr. Bo Libert and Ms. Anna  Kaplina) and OSCE.


  • Kazakhstan: Committee of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Kyrgyzstan: State Committee of Water Resources and Melioration Secretariat of the Chu-Talas Commission

Project duration: 5 years, Start: Jan 2010, End: Dec 2014

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Chu-Talas workshop, 25 November 2014, Astana

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Chu Talas workshop,27 February 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Dniestr project meeting on 12 - 13 December in Kiev

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Fourth Workshop on Adaptation to Climate Change in Transboundary Basins (Geneva, 25–26 June 2013)

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Workshop on Flood Communication in the Dniester River Basin  May 27-28, 2013  Lviv, Ukraine

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First meeting of the global network of basins working on adaptation to climate change and third meeting of the core group of pilot projects (Geneva, 20 - 21 February 2013)

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